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Who We Are?

We are Hunggaruk, an online version of the martial arts shop that sells all kinds of sports equipment. We sell all types of martial arts gear including clothes and weapons as well as other protective sportswear and other equipment for fighting sports. Check our online store, and you will see the extent of our offer that stretches through all martial arts.

Martial Arts Shop

Training Protection

Equipment for protection during training is a large part of our offer. You want the best protection during the training to avoid injuries as they are quite common in many martial arts. Check the store and buy the best protection for your type of sport.

Training Clothing

We also sell clothing for martial arts. This includes everything from karate and Kung Fu gear to clothing for kendo and other martial arts. It also covers sports that involve the use of weapons including gloves for the box and other types of gloves that are used in other sports.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Every product you buy will be shipped to you free of charge. Yes, every delivery we do is a free delivery, and that is something for which we are famous. The delivery will be free no matter whether you order a two hundred dollars’ worth of goods or only and item worth twenty bucks.

Weekly Featured Products

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are always on some sale. They are in high demand, and thus we offer then on premium price.



Nunchucks are always in demand due to many Kung Fu movies that come from Singapore and Hong Kong.

Karate Cloting

Karate Clothing

Clothing for karate is on the sale, and you can get it right now. Just send us your sizes, and we will deliver it for free.

Kendo swords

Kendo Swords

Kendo swords are also on sale as the demand for them arisen in last several years due to the popularization of the said martial art.

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