Karate training equipment

When training any kind of sports, it is important to have the right equipment. Equipment is the big part of the sport because it will improve your performance and also keep you from getting hurt. Practicing with the right equipment is crucial in developing right form and skills that you need in this sport. Here you can find everything you need from kimonos, mates, belts, body armor, foot guards, gloves, training aids, and many others. If you are a beginner and going to practice, or if you are preparing for competition, this is the place for you.

Karate Suits and Uniforms

There are many different types of uniform, depending on your needs and many different disciplines, instructor, and schools. That is why the uniforms that are traditionally worn by students probably are not uniforms that you would need at your school. In many of East Asia disciplines, uniforms are traditionally known as a gi. There is much different gis, and there is a different style of the top, different materials, weight and various colors. There is also different length and fit of the gi, depending if you are a beginner or advanced in karate. Here you can find every type of gy, design especially for you. Make sure to browse our well-stocked range of Karate suits with different weights and colors, for instructors and students also.

Karate belts

The color of the belts represents different rank in martial arts. This is a fairly recent innovation which first came into place in a late 19th century. In martial arts, colors that are used are white, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, brown, and black. White belt belongs to beginners, and black belt represent most advanced. Students can get different belt color, which represents their progress, in tests. These tests also are different from school to school, and from instructor to instructor. Here you can find belts made from silk or cotton.

Other equipment

If you are training karate, there are a few more things that you need except karate uniform and belts. The important part when you are training and competing is also body armor. It protects your body from blows and also protects you from getting hurt. It is an essential part of keeping you safe and focused on your upcoming fight or training session. You will also need gloves which will protect your fingers and knuckles from injury or even from braking. Protect yourself and your opponent with our Karate protective gear. Foot guard will also protect your legs from injury. If you are training or competing make sure that you have this type of martial art equipment.

Weapons used in martial art

Weapons are not used at all schools; this can depending mostly on the instructor. But the schools that use this kind of equipment often use rubber knives, unsharpened blades, lightweights. The weapons that are commonly used in training are knives, nunchakus, sai, kamas, and many others. Make sure to ask at school or your instructor what kind of weapon you need, and get it here.