The Spiritual Aspect Of Martial Arts

Martial arts are marketed as self-defense fighting styles, and thus only people that are interested in that tend to start training them. Martial arts like Kung Fu aren’t just there for self-defense as they are much more. This, of course, will require a real master of the said art as westerners tend to learn only about self-defense part.

Everything that martial arts represent

Self-DefenseSelf-defense is just an aspect of martial arts, and it is the one everyone learns. But, since it is just an aspect, that means that there are more sides to fighting styles than you think. Martial arts can teach a man to attack and kill an opponent (or hurt him badly). That is, of course, something that you don’t have to learn in this day and age. This brutal side is foreign to the modern martial arts as they are reduced to a sport rather than means to kill an enemy.

Another aspect of martial arts that people forget is the spiritual training of the body. No human should call themselves martial arts masters if they failed to incorporate the teachings on both the physical and mental level. Implementing the psychological aspect of martial arts refines the technique and makes the user better at fighting. But it isn’t as crucial to traditional martial art training to incorporate it as the level of skill is usually quite small and people aren’t interested in it.

Connecting with the spirituality aspect of martial arts

Spirituality-Aspect-Of-Martial-ArtsThose that want to master martial arts try it through mental training and fusing it with their physical abilities. Four approaches exist that represent different ways to blend spiritual and physical aspects of the martial arts.

One of the approaches is to learn meditation and other aspects of the mental training apart from the martial arts. These two can be from different traditions and still work well. This will work as long as the user knows the boundary between those two. One can train martial arts from a school connected to Buddhist Vipassana and learn meditation that is directly linked to Zen.

The other approach is to fuse martial and spiritual art traditions and come up with a new path within the said tradition. Aikido is created in that was as it was derived from the combination of the Omoto religion and Aiki-Jitsu. This isn’t something that any martial arts enthusiast can do and should even try.

The hardest way to fuse these two is to learn them simultaneously. This requires a lot of willpower and strength as both the mental and physical training occur at the same time. The student also has to be subject to several masters than are competent in their fields of expertise.

Boost your mental and physical health through martial arts

If you are interested in healthy living, then martial arts are a good option for you. Check with us, and we will gear you up for some quality physical and psychical training that will change your life.