Why are weapons used in martial arts?

Martial arts consist of many different sports, which are from the East Asian origin, like karate, judo, kung fu and kendo. We can divide martial art in armed and unarmed. The armed ones are archery, spearmanship, and swordsmanship, which come from China. It involves striking with the feet and hands or even grappling. Unarmed sports are judo, sumo, karate, and tae kwon do, but also aikido, kung fu and hapkido. The important aspect of martial art is spiritual development and not only sell defense.

East Asian martial arts are influenced by Daoism and Zen Buddhism, so the focus is on the mental and spiritual state of the practitioner, so that the mind and body become one, and react as one. In the 20th century, the popularity of these sports had grown, and that is why judo and tae kwon do become part of Olympic Games. In the 21st century, a fighting technique from various cultural traditions also achieved prominence.

Weapons that are used

Weapons are an important part of any martial arts. It can help you to improve your technique, to challenge you, and help you to learn new skills. Martial arts instructors in there training use weapons like bo staffs, sai, nunchaku and many others. Weapons are used in training, and as an important part of this sport. It can help you to develop your skills at another level. They are used only in self-defense, but not as a weapon at attacking somebody. Only experienced martial art student can use them. It is a dangerous tool, and not meant for a beginner, so you must keep that in mind. It can take a range of few years before you master this skill. We offer a great selection of wood, foam and metal weapons which are used in martial art training. Here you can also find katanas, throwing stars, and other weapons that are intended for self-defense.

Karate- one of the oldest martial arts

Karate was developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom under the influence of Chinese martial arts. In karate the participant is using punching, kicking, elbow strikes, knee strikes and open hand techniques like knife hands, spear hands, and palm heel strikes. The person who practices karate is called a karateka. Karate was developed in Japan in the early 20th century, from the Ryukyu Kingdom. From then on it was incorporated in Japan culture. After the World War II karate became popular in the American military circles. At the end of 20th-century karate became very popular all around the world, and school that taught karate emerged across the world. One of the reasons why karate became so popular is because of the way it was depicted in the movies and television. Karate seemed like a mysterious way of fighting and capable of causing death or injury in only one blow. But the television once again represented this martial art far for real thing. It is presumed that there are around 100 million practitioners around the world, and that number is growing.